13 Attempts to Submit Invoice

This investigation stems from a four-vehicle collision which took place in Indiana.  As a result of the collision, an insurance claim was filed with a member company.  Over the course of several months, a vehicle passenger and claimant, allegedly submitted multiple medical bills totaling $18,369.28.  NICB agent reviewed the questionable claim referral submitted and opened an investigation.  The claim file was requested and revealed nine payments wired to static IP Address associated with the insured.  The invoices submitted were reportedly incomplete, contained mis-spelled words, and were not made on the templates used by the named providers.  NICB agent enlisted the assistance of an analyst, who created spread sheets and timelines detailing the 13 attempts made to submit invoices.  In November, the Agent presented the investigation to the law enforcement who promptly adopted the case for prosecution. In January, the local Prosecutor’s Office charged claimant with three felony counts of insurance fraud, one felony count of forgery, and one felony count of counterfeiting.