Event Information

NICB's 4th Annual Contractor Fraud Awareness Week (CFAW) is May 20-24, 2024. Join our Live Webinar on April 24 to learn more about adding your voice to this important conversation! 

During this informational webinar, the team behind CFAW will walk you through exactly how to participate and valuable contractor fraud training opportunities for your SIUs and Claims Representatives. 

What is CFAW?

In 2023, U.S. insurers paid more than $95 billion in catastrophe losses, with upwards of 10 percent or $9.5 billion lost to post-disaster fraud. 

As an insurance crime fighting organization, NICB sees many versions of contractor fraud schemes that impact the public, especially following a disaster. CFAW is a week-long awareness event that brings together our Members, Industry Trade Associations, Legislators, and Law Enforcement to raise awareness with the goal of preventing consumers from falling victim to this heartbreaking and prevalent form of crime. 

We look forward to seeing you virtually. If you have any questions regarding CFAW 2024, contact Program Manager Michele Howley at

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