Low impact and minor impact soft tissue injuries are not uncommon in auto accidents, and they certainly can be legitimate. They also can be the result of a staged accident, or the outcome of a legitimate accident that gives someone the opportunity to take advantage of a liability situation.

Soft Tissue Injury

If your company is a member of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, our FraudSmart "Managing LIST and MIST Claims – 'Would I Lie to You?'" course can help your staff become better prepared to review, analyze and handle these claims. Participants will learn the six indicators of LIST (low impact soft tissue) and MIST (minor impact soft tissue) claims, determine what eight action steps should be taken to further investigate the claim, and understand the key indicators that can point to fraud.

There is no additional cost to NICB members for this class. To schedule a FraudSmart class at your company, log into the NICB Website at www.NICB.org with your username and password, select Training, then FraudSmart and contact the training director assigned to your state.

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