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Key Read Examination

If you have vehicle keys in hand as part of a law enforcement investigation, NICB could provide you with critical data stored within the key.

What the Key Read Examination Provides 

GM (2010 and Up) Keys

  • VIN of vehicle to which the key is programmed;
  • Vehicle mileage when the key was programmed;
  • Vehicle mileage the last time key was used to start the vehicle1;
  • Number of keys currently programmed to the vehicle;
  • Number of keys erased from the vehicle; and,
  • Programming sequence of the key being examined (key #1, 2, 3, etc.).

1 Most GM push-to-start systems do not capture mileage of last ignition cycle 

Early Model BMW Keys

  • Full VIN number programmed to the key; and,
  • Vehicle mileage the last time key was used to start the vehicle

Request a Key Examination

Email a form to to find out if your keys can be examined, and what information will be extracted as information can vary by manufacturer. Do not send keys until your request is approved! 

Please note that NICB considers the information derived from the key examination to be confidential, and the data must not be compromised. The data should be used solely to identify potential investigative leads.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: Key Read Examination information should not be disclosed, even in response to a Freedom of Information Act request or subpoena, without first notifying NICB’s Law Department in writing, by email, to