Florida CFO Launches ‘Fraud Free Florida’ Initiative

Floridadaily.com, February 5, 2024 

To deal with the never-ending scams that take place in the state, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis announced a new an anti-fraud initiative Fraud Free Florida. 

Patronis says his office receives tons of calls from consumers who have ended up being scammed by fraudsters. So now the new website will work together with investigative efforts and to help prevent further scams. 

The collaboration will include law enforcement officials, local state attorneys, private sector stakeholders, and members of CFO’s fraud investigative teams. The rise of consumer fraud has been steady since the covid pandemic. Many of the fraud complaints by consumers have revolved around property insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, public assistance fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, and cybersecurity issues. 

Patronis says the Fraud Free Florida program.com will serve as a one-stop-shop for reporting fraud and educate the public how to avoid these scams. 

The CFO office is warning consumers to be careful during tax season. 

Many consumers have issued complaints about being taken advantage of from so called “tax preparers” and those identifying themselves as working for the IRS. 

One of the programs that has been effective over the years to help prevent is the $25,000 Florida Fraud Fighter Reward Program. 

This anti-fraud program began back in 1999 and became successful as it awarded individuals to alert the authorities on potential insurance fraud that leads to an arrest and conviction. 

With information leading to arrest, the state has been rewarding those up to $25,000 dollars who have helped with the conviction of fraudsters scamming Floridians. 

CFO office says if you believe fraud is taking place, contact the Insurance Fraud Hotline at 1-800-378-0445. 

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