Employee Death Reveals Alleged Workers’ Comp Fraud with Over $2 Million In Underreported Payroll

FRESNO, Calif. —Heigo Kubar, 84, of Fresno, was arraigned today on three felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud, after a Central Valley Workers’ Compensation Fraud Task Force investigation discovered he allegedly underreported over $2 million in payroll to illegally save on workers’ compensation insurance for his trucking company. The investigation began after an employee was found deceased in a company owned semi-truck.

Kubar is the former owner of TKJ Trucking. Following an unfortunate incident where a TKJ Trucking employee was found deceased in company owned semi-truck, Kubar’s insurance company became suspicious and began an investigation. The insurance company found that leading up to the death of this employee, Kubar had classified the employee as a company salesperson, not a truck driver. Twenty-five days after the death, TKJ Trucking amended the employee’s job classification to truck driver.

Read the entire press release.  California Department of Insurance, May 15, 2024