Who can become a member of NICB?

Insurance companies licensed in any of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or the insular possessions of the United States as well as auto rental companies, auto finance companies, auto auctions and certain self-insured entities may be eligible for membership in the NICB.

Access to the ISO ClaimSearch® database is necessary.

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Contact Information
Kym Forester
Membership Director 

To be contacted about joining NICB, please fill out a brief membership inquiry form.

Key Benefits of NICB Membership

  1. NICB — Insurance industry focal point of fraud prevention and detection. The NICB is the industry’s single fraud-fighting mechanism assisting approximately 1,000 member companies in their detection and deterrence of insurance fraud and vehicle crime.

  2. Law enforcement/insurance industry contacts and relationships. Membership in the NICB helps develop contacts in law enforcement and with other member companies to assist in coordinating fraud investigations. NICB working group meetings nationwide cover a broad array of investigative, information and training topics. They are frequently the only opportunities for investigative professionals to share information and discuss local fraud topics with law enforcement and their peers at other companies.

  3. NICB training programs. NICB training programs are exclusive to members and provide customized, on-site educational experiences that dramatically improve claims representatives fraud detection abilities resulting in the identification of more questionable claims.

  4. Vehicle identification expertise, services and recovery notices. Many NICB vehicle identification services, such as secondary vehicle identification number (SVIN) identification and impound lot expertise, are exclusive to NICB and its members. NICB vehicle recovery notices provide members immediate notification of their vehicle recoveries, thus helping them recover their insured assets promptly and avoid excessive impound lot storage fees, depreciation and/or damage to their vehicle, ultimately resulting in higher value at salvage auctions.

  5. NICB alerts. The NICB's weekly electronic ForeWARNSM Alert notification provides proactive investigative information to members, improving their decision-making processes when identifying questionable activity impacting their claims file. ForeWARN is also a historical, searchable database that is cross-referenced by members in order to obtain additional information in developing fraudulent patterns and trends.

  6. Task force coordination. NICB leadership of investigative task forces allows member companies to become involved with the NICB, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in task force operations that target large-scale fraud and theft operations.

  7. Multi-carrier information liaison, coordination of multi-carrier, multi-claim investigations. The NICB provides access to, and coordinates information from, other carriers. This information is vital in detecting, preventing and deterring fraud and theft rings. Since the NICB is the nation's only organization that coordinates fraud and theft investigations among multiple insurers, member companies can more effectively determine if they are being victimized by organized criminal rings that target multiple carriers simultaneously.

  8. Analytical expertise. In addition to their casework, NICB analysis teams work closely with members to provide consultative support resulting in pattern recognition and exposure identification, leading to increased involvement in large-scale ring investigations.

  9. Foreign vehicle recoveries/repatriation services. The NICB offers its members the nation's most comprehensive vehicle recovery services, recognized by law enforcement agencies worldwide for its relationships, ethical practices and expertise.

  10. Indemnification. Upon a review and approval by the NICB Board of Governors, NICB’s by-laws may provide a layer of protection for member’s assets in the event of a lawsuit arising from the member’s cooperation with NICB in its investigation.

  11. Government and public affairs. NICB provides industry representation at the federal and state levels on key fraud and theft issues. NICB also serves as the national, authoritative voice on vehicle theft and insurance fraud issues.

  12. Your company and NICB. NICB’s 150+ field agents, analysts, trainers, membership directors and senior management team all enjoy a strong relationship with your company’s personnel across multiple levels throughout the country. This communication ensures that your company is consistently included not only in the NICB’s daily fraud-fighting activity, but also in the overall growth and direction of our organization.