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The NICB Passenger Vehicle Identification Manual is published annually. This manual contains vehicle identification number (VIN) structure and decoding for most U.S. and Canadian passenger vehicles, including light duty trucks, motorcycles/ATVs and some snowmobiles. The latest manual includes the last two model years. Click here to preview the latest version. Previous year's manuals are also available for ordering.

**The 2014 Passenger Manual is now available.**  

    The Passenger Vehicle Identification Manuals 1937-2011 CD includes every Passenger Vehicle Identification Manual from 1937 to 2011. The CD includes a master index that allows you to search by vehicle year or make. Manuals are in PDF format. Click here to preview the CD. 
    The Commercial Vehicle Identification Manual is published every five years. This manual contains VIN structure for commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers) from the last five model years. Click here to preview the latest version. 
    The first edition of the Heavy Equipment Identification Manual contains product identification number (PIN) structure for off-road equipment, namely industrial, agricultural and forestry, and it serves to help in the identification of some of the most frequently stolen off-road equipment (not inclusive of all makes and models).

**The Heavy Equipment Manual is out of stock.** 


These manuals also cover the following areas:

  • Summarization of the Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard, which requires VIN markings on major vehicle parts of passenger motor vehicle lines designated as high-theft lines.
  • General information on VIN structure and decoding for truck/tractors, trailers along with PIN structure and decoding for off-road equipment.
  • Glossary of vehicle-related terminology.