International Orders

For international orders (orders from countries outside of the United States and its territories) for law enforcement and public, please complete and submit the form below. The Passenger and Commercial manuals are $10 U.S. Dollars each. The Passenger Vehicle Identification Manuals 1937-2011 CD is $99 U.S. Dollars per copy. Orders may incur shipping and handling charges. Payment and shipping details will be provided upon receipt. Please do not send in your payment until you receive an email from NICB noting receipt of your order and final cost with shipping charge options.

Please complete the form in English.

If you are with a U.S. law enforcement agency, please use the Material Request form. Enter your valid ORI code on the Shipping/Billing Information page to receive your discount.
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2017 Passenger VIN Manual
2015 Passenger VIN Manual
2015 Commercial VIN Manual
2014 Passenger VIN Manual
2013 Passenger VIN Manual
2011 Passenger VIN Manual
2010 Passenger VIN Manual
2010 Commercial VIN Manual
2005 Passenger VIN Manual
Passenger Manuals 1937-2011 (CD)
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