Field Operations

NICB investigative services are managed by the Field Operations Department. Our investigative efforts focus on multi-claim, multi-carrier investigations of major criminal activity in concert with our members and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The NICB is the country's only private organization that takes a multi-carrier approach to fraud and theft investigations.

The Field Operations Department has eight offices nationwide staffed with approximately 160 experienced fraud and theft investigators. Through an electronic claim referral process, NICB special agents work with representatives from member company claims and special investigation unit groups, as well as law enforcement agency professionals, to investigate suspicious insurance claims and support civil and criminal prosecutive actions. NICB investigators are also active participants in, and leaders of, multiple insurance crime task forces nationwide. Our investigative priorities are:

  • Medical Fraud
  • Commercial Fraud
  • Vehicle Fraud

Contact Information

James Schweitzer
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 847.544.7040

For law enforcement assistance, please call 847.544.7002.