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National Insurance Crime Bureau

Contractor Fraud

Roofing Fraud

Roofing Fraud

Consumer Alert: Contractor Roofing Fraud Major Problem

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While insurers pay billions of dollars a year to cover losses, sometimes those payments end up in the pockets of unscrupulous contractors. Those contractors, some who chase around the country following the path of storms, often solicit business door-to-door and prey on the elderly or other vulnerable victims to try to get them to sign a contract and hand over a payment. Then, they are never seen again, or fail to do the repairs as promised. As we are still in hurricane season and begin fall tornado season we encourage policyholders to contact their insurance company or agent before you hire a contractor to do the work.

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Roofing Fraud Contractor Tips

“Unfortunately, we see this type of fraud happen especially after any major weather event. Unscrupulous contractors are looking for ways to make a quick buck off homeowners in a vulnerable situation. Which is why we encourage homeowners to contact their insurance company or agent if they have damage to their property, and always be suspicious of a contractor that tries to rush you into signing a contract or start work without providing any references,” said NICB chief operating officer Jim Schweitzer.



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