PSAs Available for Media Use

NICB public service announcements (PSAs) are available for use by media outlets and websites. For media requests, contact Frank Scafidi (916.979.1510, or Carol Kaplan (202.604.5649, Or, fill out our media request form.

To request audio or raw files, email

Towing Scams
Accident Scene
Parking Lot Scenario

"Good Dog" Series
(audio files available by request)

15-second English  30-second Spanish
30-second English  60-second Spanish
60-second English

"Stick a Fork in it" Series
(audio files available by request)

30-second English  30-second Spanish
60-second English  60-second Spanish

Staged Accident Scenario Videos
Curb Drive Down
Four Vehicles Fraud
Swoop and Squat
Left Lane Fraud

"Trust Me" Insurance Fraud Series
(audio files available by request)

15-second video
30-second video
30-second video ("The Contractor")
60-second video

Staged Accidents Involving Trucks

Video  Audio 
30-second English  30-second English 
60-second English  60-second English 
30-second Spanish  30-second Spanish 
60-second Spanish  60-second Spanish 

Post-Sandy Contractor Fraud
(audio files available by request)

30-second video
30-second video (with station tag)