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National Insurance Crime Bureau

NICB Assist Law Enforcement with Ongoing Investigation.

An NICB agent was contacted by the New Hampshire Police Department for assistance in a fatal hit and run investigation involving a bicyclist that had been struck. The cyclist was a retired Sergeant from the NH Police Department, who was training for a Police Unity ride at the time she was struck.

Images obtained from several local surveillance cameras were shared with NICB and others to develop an opinion of the year and model of the vehicle that fled the scene. It appeared to be a mid-2000’s GMC Yukon. NICB believed it could be a 2005-2006 model year. Law Enforcement also wanted to notify the insurance industry as quick as possible. NICB agent enlisted the assistance of the NICB in developing a “rush” Alert .
NICB agent discussed with law enforcement the multiple scenarios by which the loss could be reported, from altering the date and location, to different scenarios. Also alerting local LE to the possibility that the vehicle could be reported stolen and/or recovered burned or altered. Agent also had further discussions with General Motors to narrow down the year and model attributes of the vehicle.

Within approximately 30 hours, the suspected vehicle and driver were identified. There were 17 local and state law enforcement agencies involved in all aspects of the investigation, resulting in the arrest of a New Hampshire individual and his wife. The investigation is ongoing.