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National Insurance Crime Bureau

NICB Assist Auto Theft Task Force

The NICB has been providing assistance to an auto theft task force made up of five separate jurisdictions and overseen by the Connecticut State Police.  The task force started conducting targeted investigations processing recovered stolen vehicles for DNA and related evidence as well as using intelligence gleaned through surveillance while operating a bait vehicle.  An individual was arrested after he and a juvenile fled a stolen vehicle where a .40 caliber S&W firearm was recovered from the vehicle.  The individual was already free on a bond for four prior auto theft arrests and was served six additional arrests warrants related to alleged auto theft and weapons violations carrying a new bond of $2,175,000.00.  A second individual who was also free on bond was arrested walking from a friend’s home and served six arrest warrants related to alleged auto theft crimes in the amount of $610,750.00.  Based upon the ongoing investigation the two individuals are believed to be tied to nighttime vehicle thefts in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.  Since the incarceration of the two individuals law enforcement has seen a noticeable decrease in auto thefts.