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Newport Police Remind Residents to Lock Their Car Doors at Night During National Crime Prevention Month

Newport Vermont Daily Express, Staff Writer, October 11,2020

Chief Travis Bingham and the Newport Police would like to advise residents to properly secure their vehicles to prevent break-ins and avoid being easy targets for thieves this month. October is National Crime Prevention Month. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year over 770,000 vehicles are stolen and nearly 41% are never recovered. Additionally, the NHTSA warns that parts such as radios, doors, engines, transmissions, air bags and radios, as well as items left in vehicles such as GPS units, cellphones, iPads, laptops and purses are often targets for thieves. There are many types of devices that can be purchased to either make your vehicle more difficult to break into or steal, or easier to track and potentially recover. Among these devices are wheel locks, which can prevent someone from stealing wheels, rims or tires. Wheel lock sets include four lug nuts with a unique pattern and a matching key that is used to install or remove the lug nuts. A list of additional anti-theft devices is available from the NHTSA and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) here.

“Thieves often smash-and-grab, rummaging through a vehicle quickly and stealing anything they can before fleeing, but more often we see people have items stolen from their car because the doors were left unlocked and easily accessible,” Chief Bingham said. “Taking precautions, like locking your doors or installing lights in your driveway that automatically turn on when motion is detected, can deter these criminals.”

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