www.wyrk.com, Clay Moden, June 16, 2022

There is a new warning for Western New York vehicle owners especially if you live in the Holland-Colden area.

Thieves are reportedly trying to break in and attempt to steal trucks and cars.

Multiple reports and posts on local Facebook pages like the Colden Neighbors page have mentioned an attempt to take trucks. It is another reminder to lock your doors, keep a light on and perhaps invest in a video set up. Some are even suggesting that you use trail cameras that can also record when activated by motion.

Which vehicles are at the most risk for being broken in to or stolen in New York State? Typically it is the Honda Accord to the Honda Civic that is taken most often. According to MotorTrend.com:

In a Top 10 report recently issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Ford's F-150 pickup—specifically 2006 models—was named as the most stolen vehicle of the pandemic year.

A full size Chevy truck is the second most taken truck nationwide. Here in Western New York, because of the weather and the fact that we have both the GM and Ford auto plants, there are plenty of pickups on the roads. There is a good chance that you own one of them. Be sure to park in a safe spot and grab those keys before you leave it for the night. Article